Nvidias Project Shield scored a 32150 on AnTuTu.
Android Geeks reports that Nvidia’s Tegra 4-powered Project Shield handheld gaming platform has shown up on the AnTuTu Android benchmark, scoring a 32,150. The device is using Android 4.2.1 “Jelly Bean” and a Nvidia SoC clocked at 1.9 GHz. That’s higher than the Exynos 5 Octa eight-core SoC in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone which recently scored a 28,018 in the AnTuTu benchmark.
Late last month, the HP SlateBook 10 x2, a 10-inch tablet based on Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean”, appeared on AnTuTu clocked at 1.81 GHz. It’s believed to sport the Nvidia Tegra 4 SoC as well, and scored a 27,259, lower than the Project Shield handheld. Additional Tegra 4 devices that have shown up on the benchmark include the HP Slate 21 AIO (23,584) and the Toshiba AT-1-LE-A (28,058). An early Tegra 4 test managed a 36305 score.
On the hardware front, Project Shield features a 5-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, two built-in speakers, Wireless-N connectivity, HDMI output, a microUSB port, a microSD card slot, 32 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM. It’s essentially a 5-inch tablet in the shape of an Xbox controller. It won’t be a closed system like OUYA, but will list Tegra-enhanced games through the company’s Tegra Zone app offered on Google Play.

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