Jim Hanley’s Universe is closing at the end of April–and a new store is opening. [JHU]

On Bleecker Bob’s possible move to the East Village. [EVG]

Help Bleecker Bob’s relocate with a little donation! [IGG]

CBGB meets DBGB: Marky Ramone to serve his sauce at Boulud. [Grub

Bloomberg’s Gilded New York–lots of stuff to read! [Nation]
“New Yorkers have been kvetching about the disappearance of old New York since there was a New York. But the real-estate market of this moment suggests that Mayor Bloomberg’s description of the city as a luxury product is becoming more and more true… many of New York’s most expensive apartments sit empty for much of the year, their superrich owners using them as vacation properties and safe investments instead of actual homes.” [NYM]

Financial District gets a Hooters style shoeshine stand–their 70-year-old competitor not amused. [NYDN]
*Everyday Chatter

Go see “If These Knishes Could Talk” on May 16. [BDB]

Wigstock 1993. [NY90s]

Privatization of the Commons in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York. [HP]

Cupcakes are hopefully dying. [WSJ]

Old NYC bars and their books of matches. [AVW]

The Meatpacking District devours itself as national chains prepare to oust the fashionistas. [DNA]

“God help us if Denny’s and 7-Eleven become part of the artistic culture.” [AMNY]

“New York City’s hipster and elitist class seem to believe that they should have some role in determining what business owners do with their property… By what authority do elites like Moss get to decide what businesses appear in New York City and which ones do not?” [AIPB]

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