15. March 2012 · Write a comment · Categories: News

Today is Egg Cream Day–who knew? So go check out these places–and these–for delicious egg creams. [EGD]

Walking Greenwich Avenue. [FNY]

Dig into the neon sign design archives of Artkraft Strauss. [NYN]

Freaked out in Brooklyn’s last porno theater. [TWM]

“One day, you’re going to come to Coney Island and just gasp—‘Oh my god, it’s not that beautiful anymore,’” Carolyn McCrory said, eyes wide. “You’re going to feel it in your bones.” She was wearing an orange peacock dress, and her curly golden tresses added to the carnival air in the meeting, a mix of working class and Wonder Wheel. [NYO]

The evolution of Max Fish. [EVG]

Live at the Fillmore East. [BB]

Please don’t hug the subway pole. [Gothamist]

NYC gets yet another Wisconsin-themed foodie establishment. [Eater]

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